7 Reasons Your Roof Should Be Inspected

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Weathering & Aging

As roofs weather and age, openings may occur, leading to water infiltration. Regular inspections address these issues and prevent further damage.

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Leaky Roofs

Leaks after heavy rain are the primary trigger for most inspections. But a leak is only symptomatic of a problem that may have been building for some time.

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Poor drainage accelerates deterioration of roofing materials, leading to a shorter life of the entire roof assembly.

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Minor Repairs

Regular inspections highlight the need for minor repairs, preventing larger issues down the road.

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Storm Damage

Storm damage may lead to repairs or insurance claims. Roofs should be inspected immediately following a storm to prevent further damage.

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Gutter Clogs

Wind and storm damage can bring a lot of leaves and debris into your gutters. This creates harmful clogs and damages your gutters, while also potentially causing water damage.

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Vegetation Damage

Vegetation can grow on roofs when gutters and other low areas are not cleaned and inspected regularly.

7 Reasons Your Roof Should be Inspected