The Top 7 Causes of Roof Damage

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Roof damage happens, but it doesn’t have to threaten the functionality of this part of your home’s structure. The best way to keep your roof in good condition is to understand the common reasons why your roof could sustain lasting damage and know how to mitigate these issues. 

roof damage gutters

1. Faulty Gutters

Your gutters keep water from pooling on top of your roof and causing moister damage, so help your roof out by keeping an eye on them.

walking on roof

2. Walking on Your Roof

When you walk on your roof, you could accidentally puncture your roof or erode shingle granules responsible for strengthening your roofline.

Aging shingles

3. Aging Shingles

The older your roof is, the more likely it will sustain damage when a big storm blows through.

Cold temperatures on roof

4. Water and cold temperatures

Depending on your location, you may need to be aware of ice dams, freezing weather or hail, which can cause severe damage to your roof.

roof repairs

5. Lack of Repairs

When your roof sustains damage and you put off fixing it, you could end up with even greater damage to your roof over time.

tree on house

6. Trees

Trees and your roof don’t get along. Trim branches back from your roof to prevent damage. If a tree happens to fall on your roof during a storm, get it removed right away.

storm damage

7. Wind & Storms

Thunderstorms and high winds can put your roof to the test. Get an inspection done after every major storm to check for any hidden damage.

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