Solar Owners Fear Squirrel Apocolypse!

Jun 16, 2012NABCEP, Off Grid Solar Systems, PV installations, Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Yes, I said squirrel apocalypse! These furry monsters can be harbingers of destruction to your solar array.This past spring we’ve had three calls from customers whose solar arrays were not working properly.In all three cases a service call quickly determined that squirrels had made a nest under the array and chewed through the pv wire.Why they like to chew pv wire I have no idea, but squirrel damage is not covered under any warranty.The damage they caused was extensive and took many hours of wire splicing and replacement.

Most homeowners never consider the possibility of squirrels damaging their array.After you’ve seen pictures of the damage they can do you will not think they are so cute anymore.Luckily critter guards can be installed around the outside of the array to keep them out, and are barely visible from the ground.If you are considering buying solar you should insist on this at installation.I have started quoting this standard for my customers.It will cost a little extra but it’s a necessity not a luxury if you live in the average American subdivision.

If you don’t have this extra protection and own a solar system I highly recommend you get it now or suffer the squirrel apocalypse!

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