How does solar work

Did you know that enough sunlight hits the Earth every 30 minutes to provide enough energy to power the whole world for a year?  Of course, capturing all of that energy is impossible, but solar energy collection is getting more efficient and affordable. Solar system costs have declined by 62% over the past decade from over $50,000 average range of $16,000 to $25,000 for a system needed to power the average home.

So, how does solar energy actually work?

Quite simply, solar panels convert light into energy. Solar radiation is emitted from the sun in the form of light. Solar systems capture and store this light and turn it into usable energy. As the amount of energy captured and stored increases through better solar cell technology, the costs fall and become competitive to other kinds of home energy. Solar cells continue to increase in efficiency and reliability.

Solar cells were invented in the 1800s but weren’t very efficient and created less than 1% of the energy they captured. In 1954, Bell Labs created a silicon solar panel that achieved a 6% efficiency level. While this was still not enough to create the power needed for a home, solar technology continues to increase in output. Current systems are rapidly approaching a 25%+ efficiency level which is more than enough to provide cost-effective home-based power.

Solar Companies Near Me

Many homeowners are considering adding solar systems and frequently ask Google for ‘Solar Companies Near Me’. This interest is growing as friends and family get solar power systems and share their experiences and especially their savings in energy expenses.

Solar Companies Near Me
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