About Us

Our Vision

There are many solar and roofing companies out there, but none are quite like ours!

Covenant Solar & Roofing is locally owned and is North Carolina’s top rated solar and roofing company. Located in Raleigh, NC, we specialize in providing commercial, residential, and nonprofits with roofing and energy efficiency solutions across America. We provide our clients with high-quality, reasonably priced roofing and solar energy systems installed by the most experienced installers in the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to show the highest form of excellence in service rendered by our company at all times. We strive to treat all of our customers with the utmost respect & dignity. By providing these two qualities, we believe that we are the best choice for any solar, roofing, construction, and/or reconstruction jobs in the U.S.

Our Core Values

We live by our core standards: accountability, positivity, integrity, work ethic and quality of life. We show up on time and handle situations with the best attitude. We are transparent and honest, and we don’t stop working until our customers get what they were looking for!


When you work with Covenant Solar & Roofing, you can feel at ease knowing that our team will arrive when we say we will and adhere to your project schedule.


We approach every job with a positive attitude to ensure the highest quality of work.


We take great pride in our integrity at Covenant Solar & Roofing. All of our quotes are honest and fair, as we find the most value in creating trusting relationships with our customers.

Work Ethic

Our reputation and reliability starts with the strong work ethic of our employees. We value the dedication and contributions of our team through recognition and respect.

Quality of Life

By putting focus on our employees’ quality of life, we can provide our customers with a higher quality of work. 

“We worked with Covenant Solar & Roofing last Fall to get our roof top solar panels installed. It was a great experience from start to finish and we are thrilled with the outcome. The entire team was knowledgeable, patient and pleasant to deal with. Everyone exhibited the highest integrity and attention to detail in all communications and interactions from the initial evaluation and scoping to installation and subsequent follow up. I’m also thrilled to report that thanks to the federal energy credit we were able to claim for 2017 and the rebate we recently received from Duke Energy, that we’ve recovered approximately 50% of the total cost of the project. Covenant kept the Duke rebate moving forward for us and we’re very grateful. With that cost recovery and the energy we are now generating ourselves, this system will pay for itself in just a few years time.”

– Phil Q


Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

Julian C. Hall

Chief Executive Officer

Julian C Hall II is a young visionary CEO who went into business with the passion that “People were his purpose”. He has a passion to see people grow professionally, personally, and all around in their lives. He started a construction company in 2014 at the age of 22 in Raleigh NC, with the philosophy in business of surrounding himself with the best people who are industry experts. The first year the company grew to two offices and almost 2 million in business. Focusing the company on replacement residential and small commercial roofing, Covenant Roofing and Construction grew to 5 offices in 2 different states in just 4 years doing over 15 million a year gross sales.

In 2018 Julian founded Covenant Custom Builders with the plan to build the expansion efforts of Covenant Roofing, to improve its real estate ownership. In 2020 Covenant Holdings was formed to be a parent company, as the ability to see and capitalize on the future was inevitable. At the end of 2020, he purchased Sun Dollar Energy through acquisition, bringing it into the Covenant family with the brand Covenant Solar Tech.

As of 2022, the company is pacing to do over 150 million since inception. With great leadership structure and industry experts helping advise and execute, the company is set for explosive yet stable growth, as it positions itself to be dominant in the market. As a MBE qualified company, they put their 5 standards and values as the staple of their success. Julian’s passion for people reaches beyond the workplace and employees.

Together the companies have given hundreds of thousands to support charities that support US Armed Forces, feeding the poor, and donating roofs along with Habitat for Humanity and Owens Corning for Veterans. While growing a large nationwide company, Julian continues his efforts to impact and influence the communities where they do business. He has built a reputation to exceed expectations, and continues to do so, from the executive team throughout all team members in the company. It rings through that “People are our Purpose”.

Joshua Menold

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Sears

Senior General Manager

Justin LePage

Branch Manager, KY




Frequently Asked Questions

NC Solar Company

How much money can I expect to save when going solar?

Depending on the size and orientation of your roof, you can reduce your electric bill drastically with solar. An average home sees savings of between $500 and $2,300 per year after their installation.

NC Solar Company

How does the solar panel installation process work?

It all starts with a site assessment to make sure your property is a good candidate for solar power. After signing an installation agreement, we move onto system design and inspections. We take care of permitting too before moving onto the solar system installation. After we make a final inspection, we activate the system, and you begin saving!

NC Solar Company

What makes you different than other roofing companies?

One of the biggest differences that we have as a roofing company is that we are always striving for customer satisfaction. We want to offer you peace of mind and honesty above all else. Our reputation matters, and it shows through our customers’ reviews.

NC Solar Company

Why should I choose your company to be my roofing company?

We are honest and want to help our clients! We aren’t going to advise you to get work done that doesn’t need to be done, and we do a great job with our roofing services.

NC Solar Company

Do solar panels increase the value of my home?

On average, you can add $4 per square foot to the value of your home just by installing solar panels. That means if you’ve got a 6-kilowatt system, you’re looking at about a $24,000 value increase for your house.

NC Solar Company

If I go solar, what tax credits am I eligible for?

You may receive a 26% tax credit off the cost of your system from your federal taxes. These tax credits are decreasing each year so now is the best time ever to consider if solar is right for your home.

NC Solar Company

What kind of warranty will I get?

Every solar installation we do, comes with an industry leading full 25-year warranty covering Parts, Production, and Labor.

NC Solar Company

What is your BBB rating?

Our BBB ratings are top-notch, and we invite all our clients to check our reviews as well as our BBB ratings. Likewise, if you have an enjoyable experience with us, please leave a review.

NC Solar Company

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. This protects our employees as well as your property.

NC Solar Company

Do you work with insurance companies?

We do! We work with insurance companies on a regular basis and would be happy to help you navigate these tricky waters.

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