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When the clouds roll in and the wind starts to howl, you may worry about how these climate shifts will impact your home. The roof is one area of concern for many property owners, especially in high winds. Significant levels of wind can pull the shingles right off the roof, as well as cause other damage that can impact the safety and comfort of your home. If your home has been impacted by wind and the roof is in need of some attention, contact us at Covenant Solar & Roofing. Wind damage roof repair is one of our areas of expertise.

One of the biggest concerns associated with roof damage is the risk of moisture seeping through the upper level of the structure and into your living space. Moisture can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time, and it increases the risk of mold growth. By having your roof repaired right away, you can reduce the risk of more extensive interior damage and enjoy a safer living space. Our technicians respond quickly and take care of the repair process as soon as possible. We’re able to work on a wide range of roofing styles and materials, whether you have a metal roof that has incurred damage or a shingle roof that has bare patches due to the wind.

In addition to providing wind damage roof repair services to our valued clients, we also take our services a step further by assisting with the insurance claims filing process. We’ll talk to your insurance company and become your trusted advisor throughout the process. For more information or to request wind damage roof repair at your home, contact us today.

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