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When the clouds roll in and the winds start to shift, you might start to worry about the integrity of your roof. Roof damage can be caused by storms with high winds, hail, and flying debris, and can lead to water leaks, damaged ceilings, personal property damage, and more. Especially if your roof is older or the storm predictions are dire, you might be concerned about how storm damage can affect your roof’s integrity. Once the clouds have cleared, our team is ready and able to help you with your roofing needs here at Covenant Solar & Roofing.

Because we have been working as expert roofing contractors for quite some time now, you can count on our team of experts to handle your storm damage roof repairs with ease and efficiency. We understand what it takes to quickly repair or replace your roof that has been irreparably damaged in a storm, no matter what materials you are working with. We are especially skilled in metal roofing, flat roofing and shingle roofing, since these are the most common materials.

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7 Signs Your Roof Suffered Storm Damage

Your roof is a critical part of your home's structure. Here at Covenant Solar & Roofing, we ensure your roof is able to protect your home. Storms can seriously damage your roof, but storm damage signs aren't always readily apparent. We want to help you watch out for signs of storm damage on your roof, including some of the following:
7 Signs of Storm Damage on your Roof

One of the biggest concerns about storm damage to your roof is the cost of repairs or replacement. Here at Covenant Roofing and Construction, we are able to assist you with that, as well. For the majority of clients whom we work with, we are happy to discuss your repair or replacement options with your insurance. We are quite adept at discussing your claims and talking to your insurance company. We take our role as “advisors” with your insurance company very seriously and can often help people get a new roof for only the cost of their insurance deductible in the case of storm damage. If you have questions about storm damage to your roofing or would like to learn more about our repair and replacement options, please give our team a call today.


Common Questions Regarding Storm Damage

Storm damage, sometimes mild and sometimes severe, is something that we experience often in this area, so protecting your home from the dangerous effects of storm damage is important and necessary. Here at Covenant Roofing and Construction, we run into several questions regarding storm damage that we would like to address here. Consider some of the following questions:

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Should I call my insurance first?

We suggest that you speak to one of our sales representatives first, and they will assist you in calling your insurance company if needed. We work with insurance companies everywhere, and nearly all of them would rather see a quick response from a roofer than see more damage done because there was a time delay or failure to act.

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How are you better/more trustworthy than other roofers?

We can’t speak to other roofers, but we want to make it known to our clients that we are honest and trustworthy. We are happy to show you our warranties, previous customer reviews, and our good standing with the Better Business Bureau.


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Does my roof need to be replaced?

This depends on the level of storm damage. If your storm damage is more minimal, you might be able to work with a repair. If your roof is already older or has experienced significant damage, we can help you decide if replacement makes more sense financially. But don’t worry– our sales representative will do a free roofing inspection first to see if your roof needs to be repaired.

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What makes you different than other roofers?

We don’t complete work that we cannot prove needs to be completed.  If your roof does not need replacement, we will tell you. We offer peace of mind and are always looking to be the last roofers you’ll ever call!

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