Are You a Candidate for Solar?

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How Much Do You Spend on Your Energy Bill?

The first step to determining whether you are a good candidate for solar is to calculate how much money you are currently spending each month on your energy bill. This allows you to evaluate how much money you can potentially save by going solar. If your monthly electricity bill is $75 or more, then you are most likely a good candidate for solar. The goal is to end up paying less than you currently pay.

What Is the Current Condition of Your Roof?

Prior to installing solar panels on your roof, it’s imporatnt to evaluate the roof’s current condition to determine whether improvements or repairs should be made prior to the installation. If your roof is more than 15-20 years old, then you may want to repair or replace it before making the investment to install solar panels. Our solar and roofing experts can access your roof and come up with the best plan for moving forward. 

What Type of Roof Do You Currently Have?

Solar Panels work best on roofs built with durable materials such as composit, asphalt shingles, or even concrete tile. Solar can still be applied if you have a roof made from clay with mortar, or from composite metal, but it will be important that you are working with a highly qualified professions to ensure proper installation. 

How Much Sunlight Does Your Roof Get?

How much sunlight your roof receives is another determining factor for solar canidancy.  The angle of your roof and shade from surrounding trees will affect how much energy your panels are able to produce. The more direct sunlight your roof receives, the more energy output you’ll receive. Excessive shading will reduce how much energy you can generate, but our team can work with you to discuss options.

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