Why Go Solar?

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Why Go Solar? Discover the Value of Solar Energy

Reduce or Eliminate Electric Bills

Depending on how large your roof is and how much sunlight you typically get, you can see a steep reduction in your electric bill, if not completely eliminating it all together. So if you are asking why go solar, keep in mind that an average home owner sees:

NC Solar Company

Savings of $500-$2,300 per year

NC Solar Company

A 20% Return on Investment*

NC Solar Company

Over $20K increase in home value**

*Source: Energy Sage

** Source: Berkley National Laboratory

North Carolina Solar Company

Long-Term Benefits

Increase the Value of Your Home

When you install solar panels, you will increase the market value of your home by at least the cost of the system. Per the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, every $1 of savings generated will add $20 to your home’s market value when you decide to sell. Not only will you realize an increase in the value of your home, your investment will help sell your home 20% faster than residences without solar panels.

Continuous Value

Receive a 30% Tax Credit

The solar investment tax credit (ITC) is an incentive put in place by the federal government in an effort to help reduce the cost of installing residential or commercial solar energy systems. This tax credit works by enabling businesses and homeowners to deduct a percentage of the cost from their federal tax liability, or from their alternative minimum tax amount.

One additional perk is that there is no maximum dollar amount for your deduction, meaning that regardless of the size and cost of the solar energy system, 30% of the total cost can be deducted from your federal income taxes so long as the system is installed before the end of 2022. Eligible expenses include the cost of the panels, balance-of-system components (items like mounting equipment, wiring, inverters, etc.), contractor costs, permit and inspection fees, energy storage devices, and sales tax that was paid on any of the above costs.

Solar Panels

Do Your Part

Save the Environment

NC Solar Company

Saves water which is the main requirement for survival of all living things

NC Solar Company

Solar Energy Does Not Create Air Pollution

NC Solar Company

Widespread use can slow climate change

NC Solar Company

Reduces your carbon footprint

NC Solar Company

Reduces the dependence on fossil fuels

NC Solar Company

It has Zero energy production costs

NC Solar Company

Little or no loss of energy during transportation

Storms can be Unpredictable

Protect Your Home from Outages

Off-grid PV solar systems provide a dual purpose. When the utility grid is up and in working order, the system offsets your usage, saving you money and reducing or eliminating your energy bill. When the grid goes down during a storm, North Carolina hurricane, or natural disaster, your system’s battery kicks in to provide reliable power for you and your family.

Imagine complete energy independence for your home with solar energy storage!

Our team has experience installing several different off grid capable products. We also offer complete roof replacement

Not just for your Home

Leverage Solar Energy to Power Your Vehicles

When you work with Covenant Solar & Roofing, we enable you to not only power your home, but also power your electric vehicles. It’s never been easier to make smarter and green choices for your home and vehicles with solar energy. When you leverage solar panels in combination with a backup battery, you can feel at ease when the sun goes down or when the power goes out.

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