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Duke Energy is one of the top energy providers in North Carolina serving over 2 million households. Starting January 2020, if you are a Duke Energy or Duke Energy Progress Customer, you have the ability to receive the Duke Energy rebate for adding solar panels to your home, business or non profit.

Home Owners are eligible for up to $4000 to install solar on their home. The rebate is calculated at 40 cents per watt of the AC rated system size.

Non Profit Organizations (such as churches and schools) would be eligible for an enhanced rebate of 75 cents per watt for systems 100 kW or less. Installed systems 100 kW or greater would be eligible for a maximum rebate of $50,000 for non-residential customers, or $75,000 for nonprofit customers.

Rebate is first come first serve. Request a free consultation from Covenant Solar & Roofing to learn more about this program and how to qualify.


Residential Customers: $.40/watt AC up to $4,000.00
Non Profits: $.75/watt AC up to $75,000.00

Duke Energy Rebate







$62 Million Solar Rebate
Program In North Carolina

In early August of 2017 Duke Energy released a press announcement that this year electricity races are going to sky rocket in the name of building a smarter future . According to this release they are seeking a 16.7% increase for all Residential Homes in North Carolina. This is the largest increase in said history.

In a statement given by Duke Energy’s North Carolina president, David Fountain, he explained…

“Through smart investments in cleaner energy plants and renewable resources, safely managing coal ash, and the grid that powers our lives and improves reliability, we are focused every day on providing customers increasing value and laying the foundation for a smarter energy future.”

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