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What to Look Out For

Common Roofing Problems


Clogged Gutters & Downspouts

When water reacts with debris in gutters, sludge is formed. This can shorten the gutter’s life by suppressing them and attacking the metal coatings. Penetrating sidings and foundations by overflowing waters is caused by clogged gutters. Mosquitoes, vermin and insects can find a new home in gutters with built-up debris.


Deteriorated Pipe Boot

The vent pipe boot is the kind of roof flashing made up of plastic and metal base with a rubber boot shaped like a dome that fits with the vent pipe. With the upmost part covered, the base is flat on the roof. The most recurrent problem is the peeling away and cracking of this boot, enabling the penetration of the roofing by water.


Rotting Fascia

The lower part of the eaves is covered by what we call fascia. The fascia are just above the rain gutters. The place is always wet. Rotted fascia is the result of debris accumulating over the gutter. Because water keeps getting into the eaves, it is vital to attend to leaking fascia. If not promptly attended to, the problem expands because the rot and mold will keep spreading once they are in. The roof replacement period is the best time to fix a fascia problem.


Deteriorated Shingles

Give or take a few years, a roof may last the duration of its warranty period, depending on environmental conditions. As long as you are aware of the installation period, you should be able to give a rough estimate of when it should be ready for change. The average life expectancy for shingles is 30 years.